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The Baja Dream Machine Fishing SUP


The Baja Dream Machine Fishing SUP is the ultimate stand up paddle fishing board. It was designed solely for the purpose of SUP Fishing. Our goal was to create a board that was light enough to be carried to and from a vehicle, yet be stable enough to hold anglers and gear if the weather got a little nasty. It's extremely maneuverable, you would never know it was 14' long and 35" wide. 

This board was tested up and down the Baja peninsula in fishing conditions ranging from flat water to the open ocean with wind and swell. Many paddleboards can be used in flat calm water, but when you're going in and out of the surf zone, dealing with boat wakes and the like, stability equals fishability. 

We make everyone of these boards from start to finish in our own facility so the board can be completely custom outfitted based on your fishing needs. It comes with numerous tie downs giving you the ability to strap down a cooler, hold a battery operated bait tank or even mount a fishfinder.

What makes a PuraKai surfboard an Eco-Board?

  • Every PuraKai Surfboard is made from 25% recycled content EPS foam which is 100% recyclable. If your board breaks we take the foam use it to create a new board.

  • We use only Bio-Based Epoxy resins. This lowers our carbon footprint, but more importantly it protects our workers from being exposed to VOC's, the nasty compounds that cause cancer.

  • Every PuraKai Surfboard is assigned a serial number and verified sustainable by Sustainable Surf as part of their Eco-Board Project. 


  • The Baja Dream Machine Fishing SUP - PURAKAI